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TImothy Talbot


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Included in this sampling are:

  1. Old Navy “Jack Ash Sportswear” (web & print)

  2. Toyota 2011 (Broadcast TV)

  3. eBay Motors “First Date” (web)

  4. San Francisco Giants “Stuck at the Office”

  5. HBO Gifts (2 webisodes)

A motorcade of conquering soldiers rolls past a group of villagers, engaged in the mourning of their dead. A commanding officer raises his hand in a familiar salute. The kind from nightmares. One by one the villagers raise their hands in excruciating compliance. Except for one man.

Executive Producers:

Timothy Talbot, Athena Zaentz, Gerold Wunstel

Short Film: “Salut” (7:05 min.)

Broadcast & Internet (3:15 min.)


Short Film: “The Stepfather” (excerpt: 2:20 min.)

Filmed in 2011, “The Stepfather” centers on a talk between a man and his stepson. The stepfather’s well-intentioned “man to man” advice is something less than caring.